FY 20-21

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May Program Committee

February Program Committee

January Program Committee

December Program Committee

November Program Committee

FY 19-20

November 5, 2019 Program Committee Minutes

December 3, 2019 Program Committee Minutes

January 14, 2020 Program Committee Minutes

Middle School CAP Board Presentation

CAP Program Update 2020

FY 18-19

Program Matrix

2017-18 Yearend Data

September Program Snapshot

October Program Snapshot

November Program Snapshot

December Program Snapshot

Carver Market Fall 2018 Client Satisfaction Surveys

Carver Market Presentation

Teen Center Client Voice Mid Year – 2019

January Data Snapshot

February Data Snapshot

March Data Snapshot

April Data Snapshot

June Data Snapshot

Agenda & Minutes

September 17, 2018 Program Committee Minutes

October 15, 2018 Program Committee Minutes

November 5, 2018 Program Committee Minutes

December 13, 2018 and January 14, 2019 Minutes 

February 4, 2019 Program Committee Minutes

FY 17-18 Materials

Our Lever is Learning

Learning Team Program Goals by Benchmark

Learning Team Data Team Protocol

TC Summer 2017 Data Team Protocol Summary

Camp 2017 Data Team Protocol Summary

Teen Center Orientation

The Client Voice

Edison Parent Focus Group 2018

ELC Parent Focus Group 2018

JFK Parent Focus Group 2018

MS Parent Focus Group 2018

2017-2018 CAP Student Mid-Year Survey Responses MS

2017-2018 CAP Student Mid-Year Survey Responses JFK

2017-2018 CAP Student Mid-Year Survey Responses Edison

CAP Staff Mid-Year Survey Responses 2017-2018

CAP Staff Mid-Year Survey Results 2017-2018

2018 Teen Center Client Survey

Client Voice English Class Fall 2018

Client Voice – Citizenship Class Fall 2018

Aquatics Survey Fall 2018

Junior Scholar and Scholar Presentation

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