Carver Center’s Legacy

In 1943, Carver Center was founded by a small group of concerned, black community members; an entrepreneur, a dentist, three ministers, a hairdresser, a post office employee, a social worker, and a passionate group of volunteers who were grassroots organizers and advocates for the minority community in Port Chester. They came together to address the immediate needs of the children who needed care while their parents were working in defense factories making equipment for the war.
Their vision, determination, and commitment are at the heart of Carver Center’s mission to build brighter futures.  At one of the subsequent meetings, it was decided that Carver Center would be named after the renowned African American scientist, George Washington Carver, who passed that same year.

It’s important to honor the legacy of these founders and the many directors and board members whose efforts and leadership have paved the way for generations of community members who have turned to the Carver Center for essential services and resources.

Today’s Carver Center upholds the values of its founding and continues to prioritize the needs and voices of the community.


Lucille Abrason                                 Edward Keeler
Arnold C. Baker                                 Damyn Kelly
Deacon D.R. Banks                          John Kettler, Sr.
Jill Beltran                                            Yvonne Kilpatrick
Bruce Bozeman                                 Joe Kwasniewski
Anne Bradner                                     Dr. Martin Lewis
Robert S. Brown                                 Lloyd Link
Dr. Irene Brown                                  Fritz G. Mitchell
Henrietta Rachel Boozer               Douglas M. More
Reverend H. Crutchfield                Mildred Motley
Reverend W.P. Douglas                  Patricia Nectow
John Dudzuk                                       Reverend Thomas Pemberton
Gertrude Durden                              James Pennington
Maureen Gomez                                Ed Randell
Effie Gordon                                       John W. Reavis, Jr.
Virginia Gough                                   Winston Robinson
Frederick Griffin                                Laura Rupter
Brenda Gundy                                    Julia Schwartz-Leeper
Yvette Hammel                                  Clarence Smith
Zollie Harrison                                   Althea Spears
Bea Henderson                                  Claire Steinberg
Dinah Howland                                  Forrest Walker
Harvey Howse                                    Kerry Walsh
Robert Izard                                        Virginia Williams
William James                                    Dr. Roscoe C. Ward
Carl Johnson                                       Violet Wright
Rebecca Jones

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