Saturdays, September 11 – October 30

Parent & Child:   $ 180     11:00am-11:30am      Max of 8    Filled

Level 1:                 $ 200     11:30am-12:00pm     (Ages 3-5)    Max of 5   Filled

Level 1:                 $ 200     12:00pm-12:30pm    (Ages 6-9)    Max of 5    Filled

Level 2:                 $ 200     12:30pm-1:00pm      Max of 5                          Filled

Level 3:                 $ 225     1:00pm-1:40pm        Max of 6                           Filled

Level 4:                 $ 250     1:30pm-2:15pm         Max of 8                          Filled

Adult Lessons:     $ 250     2:00pm-2:45pm        Max of 6

Course Descriptions

Parent & Child (max 8): This class is developed for children 8 months to 3 years of age. Parents and children participate in several guided practice sessions that help kids learn elementary swimming skills, such as, bubble blowing, front kicking, back floating, class song singing, underwater exploration and more. The water is introduced as a fun and safe environment to start off your child’s swimming experience the correct way. The child must enter the water with assistance, be able to hold their head up and sit up to participate in the class. 

Level One (max 5): This class is our beginner’s level class.  During the session the children become comfortable in the water while learning basic water safety/swimming skills. The class uses floatation backpacks to help children learn to swim on their stomachs with their face in the water. We introduce combined arm and leg swimming action and encourage confidence in independent swimming the child must be able to voluntarily get in the water, put face in & blow bubbles to participate in the class. 

Level Two (max 5): Building off of the Level One class, we introduce fundamental skills such as arm finning on back and floating without assistance. Kids are encouraged to swim on their own with minimal use of floatation devices. During the course of the class we cover, flutter kicking with pointed toes, streamline positioning, independent swimming on front and back and much more. The child must be able to swim with floatation devices without needing help, put face in water while exhaling out bubbles & must be able to voluntarily swim on front & back with minimal assistance.

Level Three (max 6): This class is a bigger jump from a level two. The children focus on coordinating arm and leg movements and improving skills covered in level 2, such as independent swimming on front and back. We introduce side breathing, also known as rotary breathing, backstroke, front crawl and much more. The child must be able to swim three body lengths, on front and back, without assistance. Must be able to exhale while face is in water and breathe in while face is out of the water. If your child is not a confident swimmer this class is not for them. 

Level Four (max 8): Participants are in the water without assistance, so they must be strong swimmers for this class. Swimmers are trained to improve their swimming stamina by conditioning kicks and arm pulls. This course introduces parts of all six strokes. The child must be able to swim in deep end of pool for entire class, must be able to swim on their own in the water without the instructor’s assistance. This is an upper level class for advanced swimmers.

Adult Lessons (max 6): for beginners and people ages 18 & up who are interested in improving their stroke. We work on core basics of swimming and perfecting the technique of the stroke. Covers Front crawl/Freestyle, Back crawl, Breast Stroke, and Elementary backstroke. Works on breaking fear in the water, focuses on comfort in the water, understanding balance and floating as well as rotary breathing; introduction to stroke development, floats, streamline and much more.

Swim Lesson Flyer – English and Spanish

Please contact Grace Quinton with any questions regarding our Group Lessons. or 914-305-6025.



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