Carver Center Board of Directors


Yvette M. Hammel, President
Jim Howland, Vice President
Brian Stern, Vice President
Brendan Goodhouse, Secretary
Eileen Cheigh Nakamura, Treasurer


Betty Brown*
John P. Callaghan
Susan DeStaebler
Judy Diaz
Jackie Emmet
Amy Fisch
Erica Fritsche
Alisa Holland
Laura Iverson
Donna M. C. Jarecki
Robert Kaplan, Esq.*
Merin Kovoor
Molly Mahoney
Jill Maitland
Edouard Metrailler
Stephen O’Connor
Felipe Orozco
John Overbay
Maida Robinson
Claire Diesen Steinberg
Michelle Weiss

*Lifetime Board Member

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