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6:30 Cocktails · 7:45 Dinner and Dancing

When Rising Tides Lift All Boats … Everyone Benefits

At Carver Center, all boats rise because our expectation is collective excellence. This core value permeates the way we plan and execute our programs, the way we take care of our facility, and the way we envision our clients’ futures.

Port Chester’s vibrant and diverse community faces meaningful challenges.

  • Access to education and employment
  • Poverty and food insecurity
  • Issues of Acculturation (e.g. English language acquisition and path to citizenship)


Carver Center Builds Brighter Futures for families and individuals of all ages by:


  • The Carver Market, Westchester County’s model food pantry, provides a three-day supply of food to more than 400 families in need monthly
  • Carver conducts drives throughout the year to collect and distribute warm coats, baby supplies, children’s clothing, food, holiday gifts, and more


  • Carver’s comprehensive After School Program gives children academic homework support, access to enrichment opportunities that school cannot provide, opportunity for recreation that encourages healthy bodies and minds, and nutritious meals
  • English classes; skills-training; counseling and mindfulness services provide adults valuable tools to combat stress and improve their lives


  • Citizenship classes enable our graduates to participate fully in our democracy and to vote as new Americans
  • Swim lessons at Carver (the only community pool in Port Chester) ensure water safety and provide for a healthy mode of exercise

When a community – our community – expects excellence, all boats rise and understanding grows. Mutually beneficial partnerships emerge. Challenges like an ever-changing job market, food insecurity, inequity of services, and the disparities that exist between rich and poor are diminished. Brighter Futures surely follow.

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