Teens & Tweens

Carver’s overarching mission, “to build brighter futures by serving, educating, and empowering families in our community”, drives Carver’s After School and Teen Programming vision to cultivate the next generation of self-directed learners who enjoy guided exploration that is fueled by their imagination and heightened engagement.

Our After School and Teen Programming is designed to make learning a rigorous and enriching experience through academic support, social-emotional development, recreational activities, and introduction to arts programming.

After School – Middle School (CAP): Children are in school for 30 hours a week – but what happens after school? Carver Center helps our Middle School students fill this gap by providing a supportive and nurturing environment. Daily meals, recreation, and enrichment activities help support our Middle Schoolers to transition from being School-aged children to future Teens.

Teen Center: Our teens form lasting relationships in our Teen Center, as they are assisted in the navigation of life’s challenges. Daily meals, recreational outlets and social activities are part of the draw and once with us, our teens take full advantage of our technology lab and fitness space in support of building healthy minds and bodies.

Carver Scholars: Personal and academic supports that translate into success in high school and beyond are the cornerstones of the Scholars’ Program. Motivated teens receive one-on-one coaching, participate in specialized workshops, experience leadership development sessions and are exposed to powerful enrichment opportunities, such as our well-known college tours.

Innovation Lab: The Robert Kaplan and Debra Stokes Kaplan Technology Learning & Innovation Center is one of Carver’s newest and most popular assets for the tween and teen population.  Young people enjoy experimenting with 3-D printer technology, filming personal and school projects using our green-screen, and tinkering with a variety of media to innovate and solve every-day problems.