Our fundraising event of the year, our Kentucky Derby Party on May 2 was cancelled. 

As our one major fundraising event of the year, it provided us with the necessary funds to run our programs. 

Our Carver Cares Challenge was created to offset the funds that would have been  raised at the event.  

It was a tremendous success thanks to our friends, supporters and community partners who supported this effort. 

The  funds raised are supporting our Carver Market operations. 
We  continue to work with our local community partners and county officials
to continue to provide critical services to our Port Chester families.

We Reached and Surpassed Our $500,000 Goal!
$589,000 100%

Steering Committee

Amy & Stephen Fisch
Yvette & Jeff Hammel

Elizabeth & David Lukes
Cecilia & David Mitchell


Erica & Jeff Fritsche
Maureen & Victor Gomez 
Felise & Jason Kowlowitz 

Beth & Philip Moyles
Maida & Jack Robinson
Claire & Rafael Steinberg

Table Hosts

Sonia Alcantarilla & Marcelo Gigliani
Amy & Stephen Fisch
Heather Cady & Michael Flynn
Maureen & Victor Gomez
Yvette & Jeff Hammel
Dinah & Jim Howland
Donna & Thomas Jarecki
Zoe & Shaker Khayatt
Lori & Rob Kost
Felise & Jason Kowlowitz
Laura Leach & Rich Lawrence

Elizabeth & David Lukes
Molly & Derek Mahoney
Gabby & Don McCree
Cecilia & David Mitchell
Gina & Frank Nocco
Sarah & John Overbay
Jennifer & Jonathan Prather
Keelin & Chris Pye
Claire & Rafael Steinberg
Emily & Brian Stern

corporate sponsors

The Capitol Theatre
Ehrenkranz Partners

Sidney E. Frank Foundation
Offit Capital

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