Alexander Jarecki

Barbara and Paul D Hicks

Barbara Landau

Carla Innerfield

Caroll Claps

Cassandra Scott, DO

Christine Paniccia

Christine Paniccia

Christopher and Patricia Mosher

Claire Griffiths

Daniel and Carol H Love

Debbie Bahl

Puja Taneja

Mark and Wendy Jacobs-Glassman

Eileen Nakamura

Ellen-Jane Moss

Fairfield County Community Foundation

Francine and William Klingenstein

Goldman Sachs Matching Gifts Program

Ida Weiss

Jane Johnson

Jen Morris

Jennifer Stevens

Jenny Gallagher

Jim and Casandra Michels

John and Corinne Forster

Judy Zendell

Julianne Schmidt

Julie Barrett

Karen Martin

Karen Sexton

Katherine French

Katina Sprau

Kenneth Wiegand 

Kevin and Carrie Berg

Kory Zverin

Leanne Tormey, EdD

Lee and Bob Woodruff

Lindsey Vanyo

Lisa King

Marian Wright

Marie Josee Lafontaine

Martha Bradt

Mecca Electric Of Rye Inc

Megan Ceres

Michael Wood

Ciyia Zhang

Alex Shingler

Andrew and Amy Swank

Andrew and Kelly Mulderry

Andrew and Suzanne O’Brien

Anthony and Katherine Vernace

Bedford and Lucille Brown

Ben and Marybeth Leahy

Brad and Sue Parish

Charles and Hilary Garland

Chris and Karen Lometti

Christopher and Deana McCabe

Christopher and Margaret J. Shipman

Dave and Jennifer Madden

David and Andrea Hessekiel

David and Dana Colasante

David and Elizabeth Lukes

Devesh and Seema Dayal

Ed and Joanne Massaro

Edward and Francesca Dunn

Edward Tolley

Elihu and Susan Rose

Frank and Cynthia A. Savage

Frederic and Maria Ragucci

Gregg and Jean Nabhan

Halisey Kennedy

James and Emily Keenan

Jeff and Erica Fritsche

Jeff and Erica Fritsche

Jeff and Laxmi Wordham

John and Katherine Doyle

Joseph and Ellen Kaidanow

Julian and Lisa Allen

Justin and Melissa Boisseau

Ken and Ashley McComb

Kenneth and Jessica Berkowitz

Kenneth and Jessica Berkowitz

Kenneth and Jill Goldman

Kevin and Laura Barrett

Lear and Nan Beyer

Mark and Marjorie Guffey

Michael and Devon Silberstein

Michael and Nicole Denvir

Michael and Sheri Jordan

Michael and Sylvia Mclaughlin

Nathan and Karen Ebeling

Nicholas and Ellen P. Schiavone

Nicholas and Ellen P. Schiavone

Nick and Christi Wood

Nick and Kate Barnwell

Norman and Denise Scott

Nouhad and Katherine Husseini

Paul and Judith D. Leake

Peter and Wendy Wright

Philip and Linda Andryc

Rafael and Claire Steinberg

Richard and Marianne Goldstein

Rick and Susie Schnall

Robert and Amanda Chesley

Robert and Christina Leinbach

Robert E. and Mary E. Capaldi

Robert Zahm

Ron and Andrea Neuman

Sanford and Brianne Goldstein

Scott and Sarah Snell

Sean and Sarah Reynolds

Seth and Sarah Brody

Shaker Khayatt

Stephen and Anne Hentschel

Taegan and Sara Goddard

Ted and Julie Stem

Tim Parton

Timothy and Marion Murphy

Tom and Susan Kanes

Victor and Karen Kiarsis

Victor and Karen Kiarsis

Vito and Harriet R. Sessa

Zachary and Tracy Wydra

Andrew Jarecki

Boris G Shurslep

David A Katz

David and Mary Versfelt

David Andrew Stackpole

Denis McInerney

Derek MacKenzie and Adrienne Rogers

J&J M Oshea

Jeffrey L. Bauman and Frederique N. Sol

Joseph Kwasniewski

Laurence A. Pagnoni

Leslie Danish and Cindy Valk-Danish

Linus Concepcion

Mark Bortner and Rosane Hirszman

Paul Knight and Emily Davis

Rob Gallagher

Robert V. Okulski

Robert Woodrow and Michael Woodrow

Sean O’Connell

Steve Ketchabaw

Steve Stuart and Katrina Froman

Thomas Sternberg

Werner Tietjen and Edison Venegas

Ania Dunlop

Lisa Benoit

Margy Lawrence

Marikay Satryano

Nancy Neumann

Paula Maria Frank

Paula Maria Frank

Rebecca Bruno

Sandy Motland

Susan Adams

Susan Rowland

Alison Thresher

Amanda Burke

Amani Marjieh

Barbara MacKenzie

Barbara MacKenzie

Brenda Marshall

Carol Selinske

Christina Derevjanik

Dawn B Meglino

Deborah Golub

Elizabeth Luciano

Ellen B Chandler

Emilie Reddoch

Emily Peck

Jacqueline Serra-Ruiz

Jill Gerstenblatt

Joann Gonzabay

Judi Lerman

Judie Lifton

Karen M Cavalli

Karen Miller

Lea Stevens

Leigh Geller

Mackenzie Rose Jarecki

Mariah S Chase

Mary-Elizabeth Campbell

Meredith Calhoun

Rachelle Maritzen

Stacey Harris

Stephanie Barrett

Susan Frazier

Valarie Nancy Leishman

Vivian Min

Mullen Mechanical

Pastor Jeremy Ziegler

Pat Rind

Rabbi Howard J. Goldsmith

Robin Finkelstein

Rye Smiles Pediatric Dentistry

Sara Leeds

Sarah and Jim Coady

Sena Kim-Reuter

Sena Kim-Reuter

Seth and Pam Farber

Shannon Dean-Smith

Sounds Good Westchester Karen Hamlin

Stacey Geller

Stephen Ripp

Tyler Jarecki


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