Fabiola Montoya

Learning Team Citizenship Coordinator

Fabiola Montoya is currently the Learning Team Citizenship Coordinator at the Carver Center. She joined Carver in 2005 as the Community Outreach Coordinator implementing Citizenship Classes, coordinating community events, and partaking in various volunteer activities. Since her arrival, Fabiola has actively advocated on behalf of various community members all over Westchester and parts of Connecticut. She assisted many individuals in registering to vote, registering to Selective Service, to become United States Citizens, and provides assistance to parents whose children require Special Education. Fabiola is a proud mother of three boys who were all raised in Port Chester.

Hometown: South America: Columbia 
Fun Fact: Likes to be silly and play with children 
Hobbies: Enjoy reading and listening to classical music 
Favorite Food: Vegetables and Fruits
Favorite Movie: Titanic 
Favorite Superhero: God 

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