Carver Ambassadors 
are a group of dedicated individuals
who contribute $5,000 per year to 
support our mission to
Build  Brighter  Futures
for the Port Chester community.


A. E. Family Foundation

Anonymous (5)

Lishan Aklog & Maria Goreth Fidalgo

Marcelo Gigliani-Uriarte & Sonia Alcantarilla-Medina

Stephanie Barrett

Bernard and Muriel Lauren Foundation

The Brightwater Fund

David & Clare Butler

Melissa Canoni

Capitol Enterprises, INC.

Jon & Nina Cheigh

Chess Foundation

Children’s Hope Chest

Michael & Elise Collins

Con Edison Westchester

Convent of the Sacred Heart

Peter & Barbara Davies

Dunn Family Foundation

Douglas & Calvine Dunnan

Dyson Foundation

Edward & Dorothy Perkins Foundation

Ehrenkranz Partners L.P.

Stephen & Amy Fisch

David & Michelle Florence

Michael Flynn & Heather Cady

The Giving Circle of Lower Westchester

Victor & Maureen Gomez

David & Lucia Greenhouse

Thomas & Karen Hamilton

Heffernan Family Foundation

James & Dinah Howland

Thomas & Donna Jarecki

Timothy & Kelsey Johnson

Thomas & Mary Julian

Robert Kaplan & Debra Stokes Kaplan

Donald & Marilyn Keough Foundation

Shaker & Zoe Khayatt

Robert & Lori Kost

Marvin H. Davidson Foundation

Fernando Rivas & Rebecca May

MBIA Foundation

Donald & Gabrielle McCree, III

Patrick & Susan McGovern

Melryder Foundation Inc.

Paul & Lisa Murphy

Byron Nimocks & Emilie Murphy

Thomas & Christina Murphy

Frank & Gina Nocco

Nolan Family Foundation

Offit Capital Advisors LLC

Timothy & Nancy O’Neill

Jonathan & Jennifer Prather

Psaros Family Foundation

R.J. and D.A. Munzer Foundation

Geoffrey & Jill Raker

Redemption Community Church

Jon & Joelle Resnick

Patrick & Mercedes Riley

Philip & Rebecca Ruegger

Rye Presbyterian Church Women’s Association

Rick & Susie Schnall

Scott & Susan Davidson Foundation

Second Congregational Church


Henry & Susan Skelsey

Turner & Nancy Smith

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church

Rafael & Claire Steinberg

Edward & Mary Stenger, Jr.

Brian & Emily Stern

Peter & Andrea Sullivan

Thomas and Agnes Carvel Foundation

Vanbarton Group

The Walt Disney Foundation

Weissman Family Foundation, Inc.

 Michael & Holly Zimmerman

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