The Difference your gift can make…

We know that there are many deserving organizations in our immediate area and we thank you for your consideration.

A donation of any size to Carver can make a measurable difference in the life of a Port Chester family. Your generosity can help Carver Center meet the needs of the Port Chester community during these extraordinary times.

With your gift, we will continue to provide groceries and meals for residents who are in need of support. It will also help us continue to provide academic support to children through our new, Virtual Carver After School Program and at our Teen Center, which has re-opened with new safety protocols in place.  Our treasured Adults, once again, are able to attend in-person Citizenship classes, which prepares them to become U.S. citizens.

Thank you, from all of us at Carver, and from the individuals and families who benefit from your generosity.  Your support will allow us to continue to provide emergency relief efforts when it matters most, today and tomorrow.

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