Summer Programming

Summer programming at Carver Center involves a wide range of educational and recreational activities that are organized for children during the summer months. 

The aim of our summer programming is to provide young people with a safe and stimulating environment where they can learn new skills, make new friends, and have fun!

Benefits of summer programming:

  1. Socialization: Summer camps provide an opportunity for children to interact with peers, make new friends and develop social skills.
  2. Camps offer a range of activities that children can participate in such as, arts and crafts, sports and other outdoor adventures.
  3. Summer camp can offer a child a sense of independence as they learn to navigate new environments and make decisions on their own.
  4. Community building: Carver Center serves as a hub for the local community, and summer camp can help build a sense of community among the children and families who participate.
  5. Affordable childcare:  Summer programming at Carver can be an affordable for working parents who need childcare during summer months.

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