2021 Virtual Benefit Donors

Thank you to the Carver Center’s generous supporters. The list below reflects gifts as of April 30, 2021 and will be updated to reflect donors following our May 1st event. 

If you name has been mistakenly omitted, please contact Colleen Kane at ckane@carvercenter.org  or at 914-305-6013. 

$25,000 +

Dunn Family Foundation

Wolfe Research

$10,000 – $24,999


Barbara Dorsch Foundation

Jeff and Yvette Hammel

Jim and Dinah Howland

The Brightwater Fund

Gabrielle and Donald McCree III

David and Irene Waddill


Sue and Doug DeStaebler

Sam and Cheryl Dimon

Wendy Jacobs and Mark Glassman

Donna and Thomas Jarecki

Robert and Lori Kost

Richard Lawrence and Laura Leach

Gina and Frank Nocco

Offit Capital Advisors

Jonathan and Jennifer Prather

Maria and Fred Ragucci

Kim and Joseph Rotondo

Becky and Pete Ruegger

Rafael and Claire Steinberg

Brian and Emilie Stern


Sonia Alcantarilla-Medina and Marcelo Gigliani-Uriarte

Assured Partners Northeast, LLC

Kate and Nicholas Barnwell

Senet and Christina Bischoff

Anne Bradner

John Callaghan

Curry Automotive

Louis and Cynthia DiPalma

Amy and Stephen Fisch

Jennifer and Briggs Forelli

Sanford Goldstein

Victor and Maureen Gomez

Peter and Roberta Gottlieb

Jason and Felise Kowlowitz

David and Elizabeth Lukes

Denis and Irene McInerney

Edouard and Blair Metrailler

Christy and Tom Murphy

Eileen Cheigh Nakamura

Kristen and David Oddi

Dan and Sarah O’Keefe

Penry and Melissa Price

Stephen Ripp

Rye Rangers Hockey Club

Seven Bridges Advisors

Sarah and Scott Snell

Mary and David Versfelt

Justin Waluch

John and Elizabeth Woods



John Buszta

John and Elizabeth Condon

Congregational Eman-el

Blair Connelly

John Corrigan

Rye Country Day School

Ariel Eckstein and Kerri Olson

Pam and Seth Farber

Greg and Gail Fell

Mark Hommes

Jaffe Family Foundation

Colleen Kane and Jeffrey Cunningham

Carroll and Percy Klingenstein Foundation

Joan Magnetti

Recka Mauborgne

Ellen-Jane Moss

Sean and Sarah Reynolds

Rotarty Club of Port Chester-Rye Brook

Adam and Kelly Shaw

Maria and John Shuck

Society of the Sacred Heart

Ben Stacks and Kim O’Connor

Dan and Brigit Townley

Cynthia and Jan Van Eck

Jeff and Kim Veber

Cynthia and John Weber

Network for Good


Michael and Beth Acerbo

Anonymous (3)

Pamela Arakal

Claudia Blake

Rachel and Bart Breinin

Carpet Trends

Nancy Jane Carson

Luke Cappellano

Ellen B. Chandler

Amanda Chesley

Clark Family

Carmela DeCarlo

Steven and Beth Delaney

Jan Fabry

Trevor Fox

Jill Gerstenblatt

Sara and Taegan Goddard

Jill and Kenneth Goldman

Debra Goldstein

Brendan and Quynh Goodhouse

David and Joan Grangenois-Thomas

Health Claims Concierge

Shelley Huber

Katherine Irwin

Hal and Holly Kennedy

Annika and Aaron Kennon

Lynn Lee

Karen and Chris Lometti

Eugene and Leslie Lynch

Mark and Rachelle Maritzen

Karen and Scott Martin

Mark and Nancy McGovern

2 Boys Laundry

Jim and Casandra Michels

John and Heather Miller

Rajeeb K. Mohapatra

Benjamin and Meredith Naftalis

New Belle Cleaners

New Crystal Restorations

Kathy and Rob O’Connor

Jim and Julie O’Shea

Stevena and Martha Otis

Laurence A. Pagnoni

Christopher Paparella

Judith and William Passannante

David and Ashley Pildis

Port Chester Rye NAACP

Debbie and Hunter Reisner

Mary and Edward Ricciuti

Elliott Rose

Hannah and Thomas Saujet

Devon and Michael Silberstein

Heather Smith

Zinat Torres

Rye Smiles Pediatric Dentistry

George and Joan Whipple

Karen and Rick White

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