Manny Vega

Fitness Coordinator

My name is Manuel Vega, but everyone calls me Manny instead. I work for the teen center as the Learning Team Program Assistant. I love working with the teens, they always seem to make my job way more interesting. I am currently on my way to receive my Associates Degree in Criminal Justice, and then from there, I will continue to further my education. I have had the pleasure of working at the Carver Center for more than six years now and I would not have it any other way.

Hometown: Colombia, and Port Chester, NY
Fun Fact: I love to travel, try new things, and eat lots of food.
Hobbies: I workout and play sports…basically I to do anything active.
Favorite Food: I don’t discriminate I love all types of food equally.
Favorite Movie: The Butterfly Effect 
Favorite Superhero: Goku

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