Leith Colton

Learning Team Director of Community Wellness

Ms. Colton’s diverse professional background includes working as an account executive at The New York Times, in multiple supervisory roles and as a social worker and educator. She has held positions within the Family Court system, working with children and families who have experienced crime, abuse and violence. She has functioned as the lead therapist in a Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy model working with survivors of sexual and physical abuse. In the past few years, Ms. Colton has deepened her work exploring mindfulness in education and the multitude of opportunities that this work presents while working with people across the lifespan. She continues to infuse the core tenets of mindfulness into many areas at Carver Center. She holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Fordham University. In addition to her position as Learning Team Community Wellness Director, Ms. Colton serves her broader Westchester County community as a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician and an Executive Board member of Westchester Putnam Peer Support Inc, a critical incident stress management team that supports first responders.

Hometown: Hartsdale, NY
Fun Fact: I have Anascoria which is a condition where one of my pupils is larger than the other. This condition does not affect my vision.
Hobbies: Gardening and cooking                                       
Favorite Food: Meatloaf
Favorite Movie: Tootsie
Favorite Superhero: Wonder Woman

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