CAP After School Programming is currently suspended.

Please check back for future information on CAP Programming.

After School – Middle School (CAP)

The mission of Carver Center’s After School – Middle School Program (CAP) is to successfully contribute to the learning and healthy development of Middle School children. Carver Center serves students daily in grades 6-8 providing enrichment opportunities, social-emotional and recreational outlets, academic support, and nutritious meals in a safe environment.

Enrichment: In the CAP Middle School Program, students have the opportunity to channel their passions in innovative ways. They will be challenged to utilize their critical thinking skills and creativity. We encourage students to partake in the inquiry process to lead them to an enriching academic experience.

Social Emotional Development: To succeed, children need to develop a healthy relationship with themselves as well as with others. We ensure that children build social skills, develop their emotional and mental health, and learn to navigate and cope with difficult life moments.

Recreation: We know how important physical activity is for Middle School students. After long school days they are excited to get moving! We provide time in the gym or outside for them to participate in physical recreation every day.

Academic Support: Middle School students always have the opportunity to get homework support from staff members or volunteers. We know some students need extra help when it comes to completing their homework and we are here to provide them with that support.

Junior Scholar Program: Serves as a space to support 8th graders with the transition from Middle School to High School. The Junior Scholar Program is founded on 4 pillars:

  1. Leadership: Building character and leadership skills with students.
  2. Academics: Developing academic skills beyond homework completion.
  3. Recreation: Giving students the opportunity to engage in physical and social recreation.
  4. Enrichment: Participation in After School – Middle School Program enrichment activities.

Students will participate in Leadership Lab in which they will develop their character and social emotional skills, 1x per week. They will also participate in Learning Lab in which they develop study skills and critical thinking skills, 1x per month.

For more information about the After School – Middle School (CAP) Program, please call 914.305.6010

After School – Middle School Application

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